• Counseling, consulting, and support that takes into account your unique bioindividuality.
  • Nutritional recommendations based on your goals, needs, limits and abilities
  • Identification of your body’s stressors and customized plans to eliminate those stressors.
  • As a team, identifying and helping you achieve your health goals, through whole foods and quality supplements, if needed.
  • In depth education on topics that are important to you.

Realizing that you have the ability to take charge of your health is an empowering journey!


Free Initial 30 Minute Consultation

At this meeting we will get to know each other better and see if I am the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner you would like to work with. This is where you tell me how you are feeling, what your goals are and what you hope to obtain from me. Contact me today to get started!

I. Individualized Plan: 4 Hours

(4) Sessions/1 hour each @ $165.00 or $50.00/pay per session
This option is a great, step by step package to get you started on your path to optimal health.
Includes: Initial Interview, Food Journal Review, Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, Symptom Burden Analysis, and a Functional Evaluation.

II. Follow Up /Q& A: $50.00/hour

1. One hour/ every 2 weeks
2. One hour/month

III. Progress/Maintenance: $50.00/hour

1. Check in with new NAQ & Food Journal

Consulting Packages

3 MONTH: 8 Hours

Regular Price: $400.00
Discount Price $299.00
Individualized Plan & 3 Follow Up Appointments. Also includes progress 1 hour appointment.

6 MONTH: 10 Hours

Regular Price $ 500.00
Discount Price $375.00
Individualized Plan & 5 Follow Up Appointments. Also includes progress 1 hour appointment.

9 MONTH: 13 Hours

Regular Price $650.00
Discount Price $475.00
Individualized Plan & 8 Follow Up Appointments. Also includes progress 1 hour appointment.


Home Pantry Cleanout – $50.00/2 hours
Shopping- $35/1.5 hours


Register for the program that's right for you!
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