READY Ladies Bootcamp

Stay tuned for information on the next bootcamp in January, 2018.

READY Camp is a supportive community of women on a journey to achieve both physical and emotional wellness together.

The camp includes nutrition seminars targeting sustainable, real food options in conjunction with workouts that include both strength and cardiovascular components that are fully scalable to all athletic levels. We incorporate a variety of movements and workouts to keep it fun while helping you reach your goals. Access to instructors and the READY Camp Facebook Page for questions and support throughout the camp is included.


READY Testimonial:

“I can’t express how much I appreciate Tina and Christie. Tina’s knowledge of diet and Christie’s patient training has truly changed my life. I was in really bad shape when I started with them both, (overweight, not sleeping and achy). A week later I was already feeling better with Tina’s RESTART program and stronger with Christie’s expert CF training. I know I’ve begun to heal my gut and body but I believe I’ve also started to heal my spirit. Can’t say ‘Thank you’ enough!h️

  • Barb Tamashiro (This gal has done both the READY Camp and RESTART.)

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