I love hearing these testimonials from real people who have taken back their health!

“I have attained many milestones since starting RESTART. I never set out with any goals except to be healthy. Of course I wanted to lose weight and I have. But the important thing is I feel great and am thoroughly enjoying this new adventure. Even trying many different foods I thought I would never eat. However, today I did something that feels really good. But its still just the beginning and I cant wait to see where I am a year from now. Today I no longer have to see a 4 at the beginning of my weight. I am no longer in the four hundred class of men. I am now in the 300 lb class of men. Oh, I’m a heavyweight in this class but I’m in the class. Today I weighed in at 398.6 lbs. I have thus far lost 44.4 lbs. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Tina. Thank you, RESTARTers. We will do this.”

  • Casey

“Love how supportive Tina is and the program is awesome!  Super Thankful!”

  • Carly

RESTART is a fantastic class!  This way of eating is my new way of life!!  I will for sure be doing another class in the future!”

  • Heidi 

“I’ve learned so much about how food is medicine!  Knowledge is power!!  Thank you Tina!”

“It’s so hard to get started on any detox, or eating differently.  The RESTART program is so helpful- takes all the guesswork out!!”

“I’m so grateful to Tina for her presentation and thoughtful advice and support.  Thank you!!”

“I have battled high blood pressure and high cholesterol for a few years.  I recently had a checkup with my doctor, after the RESTART class.  I am on blood pressure medicine but was always on the high side while taking it.  I can now attribute normal blood pressure and normal range cholesterol to NO SUGAR!  It validated how much sugar contributes to problems!  I’m sticking with this way of eating!  My GOAL…. Get off blood pressure medicine completely!”

  • Renda

“I participated in the RESTART program in October and over five weeks the results were impressive.  Within a couple of weeks I noticed that the bags under my eyes were almost completely gone.  I had always assumed they were the result of “normal” aging.  However, I now realize that the swelling under my eyes was actually inflammation I was experiencing as a result of wheat in my diet.  Also, I noticed that my joints felt less achy and stiff and my workouts were more productive.  As my energy levels continued to rise during the third to fifth weeks of RESTART, I lost a total of eleven pounds.  Since finishing, I have been able to maintain this new way of eating.  I am so happy to be able to feel so good while not feeling like I am on any kind of “diet” at all.  Thanks to Tina Bango for her wealth of information on nutrition and emotional support!!”

  • Katy B.

“I just wanted to say thank you very very much! From the first day of RESTART I have had no stomach aches! That in itself feels like a miracle to me after suffering for twenty years. After my three weeks I have absolutely NO desire to return to my old eating habits and will continue on eating this way. I have more energy, I’m sleeping great…and honestly the cravings are a minimum! I want to thank you again not only for the class and fantastic information but for going above and beyond to help with my other issues. It truly has been the best thing ever! So much gratitude I have for being able to be a part of this and actually succeed and notice so many benefits! THANK YOU! (Did I already say that?!)”

  • Carol P.

“This program was exactly what I have been needing and looking for! I can whole heartily say it is awesome and I feel so much better! I have so much more energy, am sleeping great, I lost weight and my PVC’s have gone away!! Thank you Tina for all your support and knowledge!! Its’ been a game changer!”

  • T.T.

“I am getting more work done, I am clearer and amazingly, I am regaining my memory from my youth.”

  • Kristin

“Sleeping like a baby, clear skin, fingernails rounded and strong, significantly less inflammation, no digestive issues, outrageous amount of energy!”

  • Carol K.

“We feel great, have more energy, and are excited to adopt this as our new way of life. We would recommend this to anyone who is serious about making a commitment to healthier eating.”

  • Dana & Mike

“It feels so good to make a healthy shift! I feel better than I have in years! I want to continue this journey!”

  • Kathy

“Love Tina and all her knowledge and support! Also love each person in my RESTART group and the support this class provided! Very encouraging and full of hope!”

  • Karen

“I was a toxic mess when I signed up for RESTART®. I learned so much about my health, body, mind and food. I also learned about food sensitivities and that my suffering can be controlled and eliminated through food.”

  • Kendra

“My experience with the RESTART® program has given me the tools and desire to get my nutrition back on track and strive towards a whole new level of fitness. Thanks Tina!”

  • Matt S.

“I learned more about food and how it interacts with my body in this five week program than I did in my previous fifty years. This program can be life changing. I truly thank you with my entire heart.”

  • Mike

“I now understand what I need to heal myself and my family. This class changed my attitude towards food and health. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time, I highly recommend taking RESTART®.”

  • Melissa

“I’d been trying to lose weight for months. The RESTART® Program helped me not just lose weight (finally) but change some bad habits. It taught me to be more aware of what I was eating and how to better balance my meals.”

  • Robin

“I can’t express how much I appreciate Tina and Christie. Tina’s knowledge of diet and Christie’s patient training has truly changed my life. I was in really bad shape when I started with them both, (overweight, not sleeping and achy). A week later I was already feeling better with Tina’s RESTART program and stronger with Christie’s expert CF training. I know I’ve begun to heal my gut and body but I believe I’ve also started to heal my spirit. Can’t say ‘Thank you’ enough!h️

  • Barb Tamashiro (This gal has done both the READY Camp and RESTART.)
“I came to RESTART through a friend of mine that had taken the class.  I had just been diagnosed with Hashimotos which is an auto-immune thyroid disease and I was a mess. I was overweight, no energy, depressed and my body felt like I was 100 years old… and I’m not even 50 yet!  I had lost my passion to do anything. It hurt when I woke up in the morning and had to get going.  My joints, my feet, everything hurt.  I knew I had to do something and the thought of “having” to take medication for something did not sit well with me. I’m not one that even liked to take Advil.  I was introduced to Tina and my life changed!  I immediately knew she was going to help me get back on track and help me take control of my health. She gave me websites, books, so much information to help me…before I even started the RESTART class.  She has the traditional medical background, but knows there’s much more to our bodies than prescribing a pill to cover up the symptoms.  She knows and understand how food is the proper medicine to nourish our bodies and help us regain our vitality, strength, and health once more.  RESTART is fun, informative and easy to do if you put your mind to it.  It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change…and one that leaves you feeling like a whole new person.  Within two days of making dietary changes I woke up without pain in my joints, I slept better, I felt smarter (no brain fog), I had a renewed sense of energy…I felt and continue to feel amazing!!!  I felt so bad for so long, that I didn’t realize how good I could feel again.  
I love to cook and bake and I thought this would be hard with this program….but I’ve actually had a blast learning to cook healthier foods, adapting recipes by using more nutritious ingredients, and feeling satisfied but not overly full and miserable like I used to.  I thought I would really miss some foods, but have found that feeling so much better is not worth eating them.  My body reacts pretty quickly if I eat something that’s not good for me.  My taste buds have changed and I actually prefer fruits and vegetables over snack type foods now.  The course is only 5 weeks, but the changes can and will last a lifetime if you stay with it.  
I would highly recommend this class to anyone thinking they want or need to make changes to their diet and their health.  We only get one body in this lifetime and we need to take care of it if we want to live a happy and healthy life. Getting older is not fun, we injure ourselves easier, it take longer to recover and then we add work and life on top of that.  It all takes it’s toll.  But we each have the power to take control of our lives, what we feed our bodies and how we take care of ourselves as we age.  Don’t wait till it’s to late….make that change now…get your life back and LIVE each day to its fullest potential!  Take the class…and RESTART your own health!”
  • Sheri Murphy “Murf”

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